In the north of Spain, It is understood that the wall paintings of the Stone Age that have been found to have remained from 25 thousand years have been painted with brushes made of animal hair. B.C. The Greek frescoes made in the year 2000 were also painted with brushes made from animal hairs that were passed over the edge of a stalk. Brushes were made of bristles, wires or other filaments, used for hair removal, makeup, painting, surface finishing and many other purposes. tool. It is one of the most basic and versatile tools known to mankind, and there are certainly a few different types in an average dwelling. Generally, the brush consists of a handle or block in which the filaments are secured in parallel or vertically, depending on the shape of the hold during use. The material of the block and bristles or filaments was chosen to withstand the hazards of applications such as abrasive chemicals, heat or abrasion.

The roots of the clothes brush are based on the 1400’s.

Types of Brushes h2>

Ground brush (courtyard brush, courtyard) brush)
Shoe polish brush (bumper)
Curling brush (sports)
Nail brush
Cooling brush
Vacuum cleaner brush
Vegetable brush ( mushroom brush)
Archeology brush
Wash brush (toilet brush or slang brush brush)
Dress brush
Flush brush
Car brush brush
Weapon brush <
Dandy brush for horse care
Dishwashing brush
Sweep brush
Tool brush
Rotating brush br> /> Chimney brush
Bottle brush – fits in small mouth bottles and access to bigger interior
Broom (long handle brush) with radial bristle seams designed to fit in.

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