The first blood bank, known today, was founded by Professor Sergey Yudin at the Moscow Emergency Aid Hospital in 1931. The term “blood bank” was used by Bernard Fantus, who established the Cook County Hospital Blood Center in Chicago in 1937, and then the phrase was settled around the world.

Imagine for a moment everything in life And as you go your way is a moment when everything is upside down. Imagine the sudden arrival of the bad news that reminds you that all the problems, the whole thing of life, are lost and the most precious thing is actually the life itself. If one of your loved ones does not have the appropriate blood in a short period of time, even if it brings to mind the suffering end, in the desperation of everybody around you insist on keeping the phone, without separating friend-enemy and dreaming the helplessness of that dark moment that panic flies in the air.

Here, the Turkish Blood Bank has come into existence in the dark with the idea of ​​being a tool to find such a helping hand, and encouraging complete help. a social responsibility project that aims to

What is the Blood Bank of Turkey and what is its purpose? It is a platform that aims to be a tool to bring together volunteer and sensitive citizens to give blood with those who have urgent and vital blood, h2>

The Turkish Blood Bank is a platform that aims to encourage mutual help, a website that searches for blood and volunteers to donate blood, and brings them together. It is an intellectual product born out of necessity that is observed in daily life.

Which project or organization does it work with? h2>

This project is an intellectual product of a very young and dynamic founding cadre who has come together for the same purpose.

What are the new ideas for developing this project? H2>

Of course, time is a matter of time. in the direction of needs and experience, and with the advantage of dynamic staff will be continuously developing the project. At present, there is an association initiative in the first place. Thus, we plan to continue our way on a more reliable basis with work and publicity on more free conditions. Our goal is to increase the number of people by helping to reach more people by adding our database to as many people as possible.

For this, we will be able to develop and support the project firstly in the local area and then in the international area, as well as in support of all those who want to support us.

Finally, we want to remind you once again that the most precious thing in life can be life itself, giving life to one person all in your hands, and one day we may have the same need. We say that we should never lose our sensitivity and our measure, we expect participation and support. Share Information

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