The blog word is the abbreviated and derived form of the weblog. It was first used by the American Jorn barger (log the web) in 1997 to describe the weblog. In 1999 Peter Merholz changed the term “weblog” and used it as “we blog”. In time, people stripped of the word “we blog” to name their blogs in the blogs of today’s use.

Who is Jorn Barger? Strong>

John Barger Born in Yellow Springs, Ohio. In the early 1990s, James Joyce published articles on Usenet newsgroups with Kate Bush and many other topics. The writings he posted were quite remarkable. He decided to publish his articles on his website. Barger created a blog called “Robot Wisdom” (politics, technology, internet culture, books, artificial intelligence, and many other topics). Over time, this interesting site became an online magazine with an intellectual readership.

Barger’s blog was highly appreciated. The New York Times wrote that Robot Wisdom makes people’s lives easier and that people can get quick access to qualified information without having to search the web.

The Basics of the Blog

In time, blogs went beyond being a simple web magazine and various types emerged: /

Personal blogs strong>

These can be called sites where owners publish their activities and considerations about specific topics. Personal blogs were the first and most common type of blog.

Corporate blogs strong>

As blogs become more popular over time, businesses may find that they may have potential benefits for them they realized. Corporate blogs are published by a company and are used to develop their own image, promote their products, and attract customers related to their products or services.

Topic blogs strong>

rather than focusing on a person or company, blogs about a specific topic. For example, these blogs feature information on cooking, movies, shoes, travel, pet care, etc.

Blogs are usually free.

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