According to ancient Greek belief, Artemis, the goddess of hunting and moon, celebrated his birthday every month and made himself a huge cake of flour and honey. The Greek gods were having twelve birthdays a year because they celebrated their birthdays every month.

Birthday Celebration tradition Miletus in ancient Egypt began with the celebration of the birthday of the holy pharaoh in the 3000s before it was celebrated only in men. The first woman we know celebrates birthday is Cleopatra, who accepts invitations with the loving Marcus Antonius and gives valued gifts to the invitees.

The Romans have launched a practice that continues today as the official holiday of the important statesmen.

Christians were not in a position to celebrate their birthdays. However, the days of saints’ deaths were referred to as vortices; it was the day of death that should be remembered as it was the transition from this world to the immortal real world. Against those who initiated the work of ascertaining the birth date of Jesus in 245, the Catholic Church had not found this effort and opposed it by calling it Jesus’ likeness to Pharaoh. In the 4th century, this attitude changed and Christmas tradition was started with the importance of Jesus’ birthday.

Celebrations on the state level in the Ottoman Empire were celebrated on the throne of the sultans, births and weddings of princes and sultans, weddings among the people, circumcision , first shaving, starting arrows. The Ottoman sultans must have been inspired by birthdays celebrations, birthdays in the state of the European countries. As the birth of the elderly generation does not know as the day, and the year is calculated by calculation, the birthdays that become more common among the urban people become indispensable for the new generations with the imitation of school children.

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