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Who found the bicycle tire


The cool bike was made by John Boyd Dunlop in Belfast. Dunlop, whose principal profession is “veterinary-surgery”, has made a variety of tools that could work for his professional career and used rubber all over them. He knew the tire closely, knew his qualities. For this reason, the idea of ​​making a bicycle strong> tire from the wheel, at Dunlop’s head, made a first appearance in 1887 when he “rediscovered” the tire and never ridden his bike in his life. He was born on October morning. That morning he watched his 10-year-old son ride a tricycle on a bamboo raft while sipping his cup. When Bisiklet iron wheels saw the damage done on the floor, they went down and cut a piece of water from a hose that was large enough to surround the wheels. They filled them with water instead of air and placed them around the wheels. A happy coincidence, Dunlop’s family doctor, Sir John Fagan, offered to fill the hose parts with air instead of water. Dunlop made a pipe from the thin rubber this time and put it on the wooden wheels and filled it with air through the pump they used to inflate the soccer ball.

Finally, a pair of rubber wheels fitted with wooden seals on February 28, 1888 to Johnnie’s “Edlin Quadrant” tricycle, threw the orange. In 1888, Dunlop, Edlin and Co. bought an oversized bicycle from their company and built the first tire wheels for them. Seeing the speed and ease of use of the new wheels, the Edlin firm makes an agreement with the veterinary surgeon to produce tire wheels together. The following announcement on December 19, 1888, in the Irish Cyclist, made the news of the birth of a new industry: “Be sure to try our new air tires. The vibration problem with these wheels remained.

Authorized dealer: W. Edlin and Partner. Garfield Street, Belfast. “In the year following the start of production, 50 tire bikes were sold. Encouraged by this, Dunlop decided to pursue production on his own behalf. On November 18, 1889, The Pheumatic Tire and Booth’s Cycle Agency Ltd. and opened the first small factory in Dublin near Dublin for a very short period of time. Share Info