Who found the sink, who invented the sink. strong> In the past, the face washed with the basin and ewer. The “washbasin”, which means “I will wash” from the root of “laver” in French, was used in 1560 for the slavery.

In the same way as the evil that the word of the toilet had passed, the deletion in the bedroom was the cleaning tool, the societal form of the cushion, in the Journal des Dames magazine in 1801.

In fact, it is not the water that flows through the hand-soaked water, but the same stagnant and increasingly polluted water, as the water of the middle classes grows and the cities organize accordingly, and water and wastewater systems are installed.

When the “washbasins” in the UK receive their sinks, it is because of this ease that the water will run off and flow from the convenience of the sink. because of the “sink” was called; this word is English as the name of the geriz, sewer, pit, basin, quack, as the verb to go away, the liquid turned back to return to the means. Hot-cold water tap was not widespread until the middle of the 1970’s because it was not practicable to wash in flowing water. The porcelain sink in its present form and the “s” shaped water draw was patented in 1852 by J. G. Jennings strong>. Shared Information Multiple

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