The device called “incubator”, which was born before the normal period and was called “premature” in the medical language, should be taken immediately, first in 1891 in Nice, France. Developed by Alexandre Lion. The air of this incubator was continuously cleaned with a fan, and the heat was kept under constant control through a thermostat.

Dr. When Lion saw that this meeting was successful, he set up a care center for early-born children in Nice. This center has seen similar establishments in Bordeaux, Marseilles, Lyons and Paris. The clinical clinic in Nice, on the one hand, contributed by charitable associations and on the other hand, was provided free of charge by the help of the municipality.

The clinic in Paris received 60 francs for a monthly service, including a nurse fee which was at a level that could easily be paid by many parents. Dr. In the first three years of his work, Lion signed a success that could not be underestimated as saving 137 out of 185 premature children.

The babies were so weak that they could not feed on natural foods, they were fed by the way that the milk-nurses stuck their tubes on the noses of their breasts. Dr. According to a British journalist visiting Lion’s clinics, black nurses fed white babies and white nurses fed black babies during this process.

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