An autopsy is a way to determine the cause and timing of death of a person, to examine the condition of the organs of the body, and to examine the body by cutting the body down and separating it for identification. Autopsy, envy, knowing the human body more closely, finding the causes of death and illness, seeing the traces of the illness etc. for purposes such as.

Many methods are used for identification. Computers that have been successfully used in many different scenes have now begun to be used in the field of forensic medicine. What the computer is doing here is that the images of the various dead persons are reflected on the skull of the unidentified person and the identity of the victim is detected shortly.

Since the ancient times, the human body has been wondering and many applications it is made. But the first autopsy for identification and investigation of the cause of death was made in France in 1374. One of the most important developments related to autopsy was experienced in Germany. In Germany, the Fifth Charles imposed an autopsy report on the incident, including child abduction, careless manslaughter, suicide cases, doing an autopsy on a physician, a surgeon or an ebb.

One is for scientific studies. This is called “Cadaveric Autopsy”. The other is for the detection of judicial cases. This is called “Judicial Autopsy”. This is mostly used in the criminal law and in the identification of evidence and constitutes one of the most important subjects of forensic medicine. Share Information

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