Atroscopy is generally used as a method of treating football disabilities.

Its name is Greek arthrosis: joint, skopion: looking words have been taken together. It has developed with other endoscopic systems.

Atskopi was first discovered in 1920 by Dr. It was used by Bircher in the knee joint. Once the joint space is filled with gas or liquid and made more visible, it is inserted into the joint with the optical instrument. Direct observation from the optic point as well as the video camera is connected to the screen is preferred to monitor the same way. Surgical arthroscopy, which is based on the principle of interfering with intra-articular deformities before the joint is opened with another device, is also rapidly developing all over the world and our country.

With this method, which is used in knee, shoulder and hip joints, , many diseases can be successfully treated without surgery. Share Information

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