Information about the first hour of mechanics is found in the book “Hsin I Hsiang Fa Yao” by Su Sung, one of the famous teachers of the Imperial Palace of China. In the book of Sung, the clock described by the schemas was 3 meters high. There was a cover to make the necessary adjustments behind this watch made in 1088.

The first alarm clock h2>

In Germany, in Würzburg, between 1350 and 1380 between the first alarm clock was designed to be able to exceed the wall. This watch is still kept in the Mainfrankisches Museum in Würzburg. In the Middle Ages, alarm clocks were used extensively, especially in monasteries.

The first pendulum clock h2>

The Dutch scientist Christian Huygens built the first pendulum clock in The Hague in December 1656. The working principle of Saat was based on the principle of the oscillating movements determined by Galileo 70 years ago. The production of the pendulum clocks for commercial purposes was carried out by Huygens master Samuel Coster in 1658.

Alarm clocks have lost importance nowadays. Alarm applications for smartphones are now used to wake up. Share Information Multiple

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