In England, Sir John Harington, the elizabeth scapegoats, modeled the first alfalanga toilet.

In 1596, Sir Harington, “The Metamorphosis of Ajax” – “The Toilet”, was created in 1589 by Sir Harington’s home in Kelston. Evolution “. In this book, the material and construction of the alfranga toilet is introduced with detailed drawings of how it can be used after being told with its prices. The water needed for cleaning came from a fish tank just behind the toilet.

Only two of Harington’s toilets were made, despite the fact that he wrote a book about how to use the toilet. He already built one of these in his own house. Queen Elizabeth, the godmother of Harington, built the second one at Richmond Palace. Harington was a very fond of cleanliness. It was described by his close friends as “unbelievable madness” to make a bath every day. But for Queen Elizabeth it was a little hard to say the same. The judge of the British throne, once a month, he was washed after long thought, “Do you need to hurry?” Share Info

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