In the modern history of the acoustic guitar, the name of the Spanish Antonio Torres stands out. Antonio Torres began his studies on the acoustic guitar in the year. In fact, Antonio Torres’ guitar design is still used today in classical guitar production.

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The guitar word comes from Spanish Guitarra. Although Torres helps shape modern guitars, guitar-like musical instruments have existed since ancient times. Instruments like baroque guitar, vihuela and ud played a major role in the evolution of modern acoustic guitar.

Evidence shows that ancient civilizations use similar musical instruments. Thousands of years ago, stringed instruments, India and other civilizations in Asia are being. Other instruments that lock the history of acoustic guitar history are poetry and tanbur. Archaeologists have found a music of 3,300 years and carving done by Hittite civilizations.

The guitar word is thought to have been derived from cithara, also used in Rome. This instrument In the 40s, it was first used by the Romans. In the 8th century the oud called Moors became popular and gi was effective in the development of the pasture.

The first example of an acoustic guitar appeared in the name of Guitarra Moresca around 1200 AD. This guitar had a round, rounded, multiple holes in its body. Later on, Guitarra Latina had a single hole in the body and looked more like a modern guitar. Both Moresca and Latina were used in the Renaissance period and both were called guitars.

15. The six-string Vihuela invented in Spain in the 19th century became popular throughout Europe. Later, a 5-string Baroque guitar was made in France, but only in France.

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16. and throughout the 17th century, innovations, changes and refinements in acoustic guitar designs were made. However, the standardization of the acoustic guitar became after the operation of Antonio Torres in the 1850s.

He increased the size of the main sender of the guitar and developed the sound of the guitar to a great extent.

Today, guitars are classified as electro, acoustics and classical.

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