“O Voice” is an audio contest program called “The Voice” with its original name. First in the Netherlands, “The Voice of Holland” began to be published. The first person to find the program is Dutch producer John de Mol. It was originally broadcast on the RTL4 channel in the Netherlands in 2010 and has been an incredible success across the country.

John DeMol, Talpa Media Holding, and Endemol, which also operates in Turkey, started broadcasting on the American NBC television on April 27, 2011 with the production of John de Mol and Mark Burnett.

In December of 2010, NBC announced that they would like to prepare the American version of the Voice of Holland contest. Although the first name of the judge was chosen as The Voice of America, it was learned that the places where the elections are to be held were shortened to be called The Voice. Towards the end of February, NBC began to explain the coach of the show.

The Sound in Turkey h2>

There are a lot of worlds out there, including Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera in March and Blake Shelton, the last jury member of the show. This competition program, which was broadcasted in the name of “The Voice” in Turkey, started to be broadcasted on Show TV on October 10, 2011 with Acun Illıcalı Productions and Presenters. It was broadcasted on Star TV during the 2012-2013 season.

Competition Form h2>

There are four juries and one server in the program.

The competition form consists of three parts: blind selection, struggle phase and live shows. All four jury members / coaches, who are all famous musicians, choose team members in the blind election. Each team member trains and leads coaches. In the second part, the coaches sing the same song in two with the members of the team they selected, and the name chosen by the coach is the other division horses. In the last part, the remaining team members compete with each other in live shows. It is decided by the people who will stay and who will go in the contest. Share Information

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