Star Wars strong> was made by George Lucas strong>, a filmmaker, director and writer, considered one of the world’s greatest living directors. Star Wars was first known for its film series, followed by comic books, computer and console games, television productions, and so on.

George Walton Lucas Jr. was born on May 14, 1944 in California, where he was born in California. THX-1138: 4EB (Electronic Labyinth), one of the short films she made while studying cinema at the University of Southern California, won a grand prize at the American National Student Films Festival.

Here he participated in the filming of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Finian’s Rainbow” (1968). So that’s how their friendship with Coppola started. Together they established a company in the name of American Zoetrope in 1969. The first thing they did was a full-length version of the THX-1138: 4EB.

George Lucas started his own company, Lucasfilm Inc.

1973, when Coppola started to work for the film “Baba (1972)” by Warner Brothers. He directed the American Graffiti strong>, which also features sections from his own life, which he wrote. With a budget of only $ 780,000 and a $ 50 million box office, it won the Golden Globe award. Star Wars strong> strong>

In the same year, he was impressed by Flash Gordon and the Monkeys Hell,

In 1975 he founded the ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) company, which will create the visual effects needed for this film. The Star Wars project was rejected by a few studios but eventually accepted by Twentieth Century Fox.

When was the first Starwars film published? H2>

On May 25, 1977, It was published under the name Wars (Star Wars) and became a popular culture phenomenon worldwide. Two successive films have been published for three years.

The sixteen years after the last episode of the original episode was released, the first episode of the episode was released and three episodes were made and two episodes were released. The total turnover of Filmin’s wars is approximately $ 4.41 billion.

George Lucas is the third most featured film series after the series of Star Wars, James Bond and Harry Potter. has not been instrumental. These by-products, which bring many innovations to the fiction depicted in the trilogy, have enabled the fictional universe known by the name of the Extended Universe to be formed by the followers of the series. Thanks to these publications, the popularity and value of the Star Wars brand has been preserved in the gap between films. Between 2003 and 2005, Star Wars: The Clone Wars film was featured as the only film to be published except for the series of triplets. This film is also the beginning of the television series, which was later published with the same name. It is also the first animated film to be released on the air. Share Info

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