Some toys can make both children and adults happy. One of the best examples of this type of toys was play dough. Nowadays, the game is one step beyond the dough. Slime strong> is one of the popular toys of the new era, with its intriguing, non-sticky structure. It’s not just that it’s fun, because it’s popular. In addition, slime can be done at home. Even so, there is a situation in which more home made items are preferred than ready-to-sell slim. Slime lovers develop and share different techniques of making slime.

What is Slime? H2>

Slime’s structure is semi-sticky and semi-flowing. It is a toy product that was produced in 1976 by toy company Mattel strong>, which is made of non-toxic viscosity material and sold in boxes similar to green colored plastic trash can. In the following years different varieties of Slime were produced. Slime Monster table game was introduced in the 1970s. Nowadays, slime itself, used as a toy, was a game in itself.

How did Slime find it, who invented it? H2>

The discovery of slime’s main polymer, polymer, dates back to 1920. The slime is made of glue, water and borax.

Hermann Staudinger has been in chemical work for years and obtained slime after many studies on semi-fluid materials. There are so many ways to come to the stage of making toys with Slime.

Slime was first produced by Mattel, an American toy company, in 1976.

Slime’s What is in it? h2>

The main components of the product are polysaccharide guar gum and sodium tetraborate. Polysaccharide was alternatively used to obtain similar results with other similar alcohol groups (such as polyvinyl alcohol) containing polymers.

How to make Slime h2>

Essential Materials to make Slime at Home h3> One glass of warm water Water in a cup at room temperature Glazing borax (borax) with the tip of a tea spoon Food stain with a tea spoon tip Water based Polymer K-10 glue Finally

Slime Making h3> First we add a glass of water, a warm water tea spoon with borax and a tea spoon with food paint.

On the other hand, this bowl can be a bowl of ready-made glasses with water-based sticky, on top of it, a glass of water at room temperature. We keep mixing. We first pour the juice prepared with warm water and foodstuff slowly by mixing the prepared borax water. We continue to stir it up to the consistency.

Borax is a natural mineral.

The slime you have prepared has become sticky when it becomes sticky. It is thought to be no harm. In the United States, a variety of people use detergents to wash clothes. In recent years, borax detergents have also been produced and sold in our country. However, borax detergent is not preferred due to the bad smell coming from washing laundry.

It is possible to obtain borax from organic markets, pharmacies and reliable internet sites. In recent years, the selection of organic and natural organic products has made it very popular nowadays for materials such as borax.

How to Slime without Boring? H3> First, drain into water-based grapefruit.

After mixing with the spoon, slowly add detergent. Keep mixing. You can play when you want the consistency. Share Multiple Information.

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