According to the legendary Christian belief, The Christian saint named St. Nicholas, who lived in Myra (present day Demre-Antalya) in Anatolia in the 4th century BC (350 BC), entered the dream of the Roman Emperor Constantine and saved three officers convicted of execution.

Many churches were built in Europe in the name of Nikolaos, whose reputation grew increasingly prominent after this event, over time, as a patron saint of countries, charities, charities, children, marines and cities like Russia and Greece. Saint Nicholas, who is believed to bring children special gifts and is known as Santa Claus strong>, is a legendary personality. The introduction of St. Nicholas as Santa Claus was first seen in Germany. This legendary tradition spread over time in the majority of Protestant churches in the European countries.

Then the Dutch protestants who came to New York City and settled in Saint Petersburg as benevolent, It also started to be featured in children’s festivities celebrated in the US and UK.

The images of Santa Claus in fat, cheerful, red and white bishop clothing were brought to the foreground by Americans. The legend of St. Nicholas (Saint Nicholas), sometimes known as Santa Claus, was sometimes wandering alone on the rooftops of houses, sometimes with the help of horse riding, sometimes with the car of eight ren geysers.

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