Scientist who studies human behavioral and adjustment disorders. It investigates the causes, development and manifestations of unwanted personality problems and seeks to correct these disorders.

In ancient times, it was believed that mental imbalances were related to evil spirits, and it was accepted as a belief that your mental imbalance was infested as a punishment of extraordinary powers.
magic was used to control them.

In medieval Europe, mental illnesses have been met with disregard,
methods of treatment have been studied, and they have been subjected to various torture, believing that they are under the influence of devil. Later on, the idea that mental problems emerged due to moral collapse began to be accepted, and the treatments became a bit human.

In the 18th and nineteenth centuries, doctors changed the general belief that mental illness is due to disorders in the brain and nervous system.

Psychiatric treatments in a comfortable environment surrounded by gardens and pools, between 8th and 13th centuries in Asia, North Africa and Iberian Peninsula between 8th and 13th centuries, a medical school and policlinic up to the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire,
organizations were implementing. Another important feature of these patients was that they were supposed to obey the rich and the poor in the same way. Among these, the intellectuals (healers) in Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo, Cairo, Kayseri and Edirne are the most important. The first based and organized mental patient is Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han
. Later on Bâyezîd Veli Edirne, Yavuz Sultan Selim Han Manisa, Kânûnî
Sultan Süleyman Han built Süleymâniye Bîmarhânes in Istanbul.

Bânu Sultan built a branch beside Toptaşı Bîmarhânesini and VâlideCâmii and
the first was used for men and the second for women.

Emil Kraepelin strong> in Germany strong> strong> in Germany as the 1900s approached the year. and by describing schizophrenia
psychiatry has opened new horizons.

In the early years of 1900, speech therapy became increasingly important in the treatment of diseases.

In 1938 electroshock entered the field of psychiatric treatment. Although it is unclear how it affects, it has been suggested that some of the patients provide visible improvement. Later, treatment of rhinorrhea was medicated. In 1950, chlorpromazine (Largactil), the first antipsychotic drug, was used in schizophrenic patients and was found to be a very effective drug.

Nowadays, psychiatric diseases are being treated with various methods in order to increase the use of medicines.

Treatment of depression, Medicine treatment, psychotherapy,
electroshock treatment is at the beginning of these. Ruhi disorders are examined in two main sections: psychotic disorders and non-psychotic disorders. Share Information on Multiple.

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