Pepee is a cartoon series aimed at children aged 3 to 6, especially designed by the Animated Film Studio in Eskişehir. Pepe is the name of both the line and the main character. The name Pepee comes from the word “pepe”, which is used for people who have difficulty speaking. It is a Turkish line.

Who did Pepee do h2>

In 2008, there were many similarities with Pocoyo cartoons created by Guillermo García Carsí, Luis Gallego and David Cantolla. is being prepared by Eskişehir’de Düşyeri Çizgi Film Studio and is a line that targets 3-6 year old group. Ayse Şule Bilgiç, who finds the idea of ​​Pepee, also writes the line film script. The lyrics of the episode and theme music are written by Ayşe Şule Bilgiç and the wife is composed by Kıraç.

The line is filed with the contribution of a special consultant team consisting of filmin scenario and construction pedagogue and education experts.

Conspiracy and Characters h2>

Pepee is a 4-year-old boy who has difficulty speaking, overcoming the difficulty of speaking in conversation and starting to speak properly.

Among the other heroes of Cartoon Filmin are Pepee’s mother, father, granddaughter, nines, sister Bebe, her friends Zulu, Mayum, Zuku and Shila. >

Pepee made its first broadcast on TRT Çocuk channel on 6 June 2008.

The Pepee cartoons have been published in Turkey, the TRNC, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Similarities and Stolen Claims < / h2>

Because of the similarity of Pepee to the Pocoyo character that started to be released in 2005, the Fantasy Film Studio was sued by the Spanish Zinkia company for copyright infringement. Producer Ayşe Şule Bilgiç is this claim; “They are certain of Pepee’s authenticity; “It was a commercial attack on the part of the company that was trying to get the Spanish line character into the local market.”

Pepee’s main contribution to this criticism is that the main characters are similar. The similarities do not stop with this, for example, the purple elephant in Pocoyo, the purple giraffe in Pepee, and the main characters wearing blue in both are guided by external sounds. The criticism of Pepee is that Pocoyo’s first screening date was in 2005, 3 years before Pepee. Share Information

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