In September of 1928, Dr. Mary at the hospital. Found by Alexander Fleming. When Fleming was out for a month before, he had placed some cultures in an unseen part of his laboratory’s sunshine. D. With Pryce, he was investigating their antiseptic properties.

In his post-holiday reviews, he noticed that one of these cultures showed a different trait. He started to work hard on this. Finally, on February 13, 1929, the Medical Research Club announced that he had found penicillin.

First clinical application of penicillin. It was held at Mary’s Hospital on January 9, 1929. Fleming cured Stuart Craddock’s assisted sinusitis with penicillin and destroyed “steplococcus” type microbes, and he succeeded in treatment. A much more efficient use of the medication took place in Sheffield in 1931. Dr. C. G. Paine was treated with penicillin, an eye disease that resulted in a “pneumococcal infection” in an adult patient with visual impairment of two children born to the patient called “gonococcal ophthalmitis”. The adult patient was struck by a falling piece of stone on his right eye and a small piece of stone entered behind his eye and caused damage. The infection was cleansed with penicillin and the eye became operable to remove the stone.

This first successful penicillin treatment remained a local initiative, and it took a long time for penicillin to be considered an important “chemotherapy” element.

the first penicillin was obtained in the Sir William Dunn Pathology School, in the summer of 1940, by Professor Howard Florey and the Jewish German Professor Ernest Chain. Professor Florey has announced to the world with a paper entitled “Penicillin as a Chemotherapeutic Agent” as a result of his collaborative work. This article was published in Lancet on August 24, 1940.

The first treatment of penicillin treated in the first treatment took place at Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on 12 February 1941. The patient, a police officer, was caught in a blood-poisoning wound dressing. Within 24 hours, 800 milligrams of penicillin was given to the patient and a major improvement was observed. Within 5 days, however, Professor Florey’s team consumed the entire refined penicillin in the world at that time, and the patient died on March 15th. The first penicillin treatment, which resulted in a definite success, was also launched at Redcliffe Hospital on 3 May 1941. A patient who was brought to the hospital with a big chirp boil was given penicillin from the vagina. After 4 days, it was seen that the wound was recovering. On May 15, the patient was discharged from the hospital with complete health. The first facility to produce large quantities of penicillin was Sir William Dunn at the Pathology School in Oxford, in the summer of 1941. There was activity in the management of Chain. Penicillin is also the first pharmacy to produce drugs, including Kemball and Bishop Co. in Bromyey. company. The company presented its first 20-barrel penicillin of 10 gallons, free of charge, to the Pathology School on September 11, 1942. Sir Alexander Fleming, Sir Howard Florey and Dr. E. B. The Chain shared the Nobel Prize in October 1945 for their work on penicillin. Share Information

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