Processes usually made from a colored ribbon or a suitable thread with needles in the form of flowers and leaves. In the context of the surveys carried out, Information on knitting examples of 2000 years was obtained.

It has been estimated that the needlework made from Central Asia spread to Europe through Anatolia.

It spread to the Balkans in the twelfth century and then to Italy through Italy. If they are organized with a crochet, they have caused the Andalusian Umayyads established in Spain to become widespread.
Oya is different from danteld. Odying is born from the union of flower and knitting art. In the world
language is not found in the words, this work is an art show to the Turks. The nostalgia that expresses the essence of the inner world of women and girls is now recognized as one of the Turkish handicrafts.
In our villages and towns, our young girls and women are continuing to give these fine delightful examples

The techniques used in needlework differ from those of the locals. Needles made of silk require fine workmanship. Small needles, yarns are knotted in such a way to ensure that the motifs stand vertically in places where hair, horseshoe or thin wire is added. After the oil has been used, the oil is hardened by applying glue, gum or egg white. Silk and cotton yarn is used in the crochet band, the chain is made by pulling the chain. The material of the shuttle is the same as the crochet. To process a certain length of yarn is given the shape of the desired motif, and the yarn in the shuttle is knotted.

The hairpin is made of cotton yarn. The yarns passed through the two sides of a filament are treated with a cork. A caterpillar, bead or stamp is passed to one side of this sculpture in the hairpin. The material of the cocoon is the cocoon and the rope. After the piece of the caramel is covered with silk, motifs made from the cones are added. In the wool sculpture, motifs made of wool are sewn on needles or crocheted pieces. Again, a gum is touched with the tincture or the adhesive is wetted with a liquid to give the desired shape.
In the candlestick, motif stiffness is provided with candles.
In the beads, beads or even pearls are used. A staple and striped technique is called “weaving

Then there are leaves like parsley, mulberry, olive; flowers such as carnation, violet, enamel, chamomile; willow, poplar,
tree like cypress cypress; berries, mulberries, oranges; vegetable motifs such as pepper, okra, artichoke are very visible

such details as mountains, hills, rocks, animal details such as portal, bridge, dome, window, mansion, butterfly, bird, bee, rabbit, hedgehog, worm, deer, /> figures are also used. Share Information

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