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The first opera is “Dafne”. This first opera, owned by Libretto Ottavio Rinuccini and music by Jacopo Peri, was staged at the Palazzo Corsi during the Carnival of Florence in early 1597. No part of the music reached the daylight.

The subject was from the myth of Apollo and Dafne. Both the text and the music are the first opera that can be reached daily, “Euridice” which belongs to Rinuccini and Peri. For the first time, on October 6, 1600, in Florence, the Palazzo Pitti – was also staged. In the orchestra, only four pieces of instrument helped.

The first opera played in England is from the encirclement of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. This five-act work “The Siege of Rhodes” was exhibited at Rutland House in London in September 1656. In the quotation, in the year 1522, when the order of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent was taken by Rhodes, the island was surrounded by the Turks.

The first Italian opera to be played in England is Giacomo Greber’s “Love of Ergasto”. April 9, 1705, at the Queen’s Theater in Haymarket. Share Info