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Who found Okey


Okeyin exit point 13 yy. It is supposed to be the domino played by the Chinese. 14th century. the ending of which is related to the Chinese, and the beginner has begun to play frequently. However, that day’s name is “El Turaft” in the sense of Arabic sequined stones. In the Domino game, the stones with numbers pointing to them were hidden in the players’ hands. However, Acemler, who is disturbed by this situation, uses a piece of wood to put on its stones and bases it on the ground. Later, the points on the domino stones were replaced by actual numbers. This modified form of dominon for a hundred years began to be played in all Iranian Arab and Persian lands. 15th century. and the 16th century. At the beginning, the connections between the Turks and the Arabs were learned by the ending play Turks and even entered into the saddle. 17th century. El Turaft, played by Enderun, who is regarded as a section dealing with education and arts in the Ottoman palace, was re-examined by Enderun’s teacher, Hacı Marufi, and the style and rules of the game were changed. Later, Haji Marufi developed the play he found for the teachers of the tale even more to create this day’s play. In the Ottoman palace, this altered form of the game has become the “Ol Kıraat-ı” seng, meaning that El Turaft can understand each other’s stones. This phrase has changed as much as the day-to-day tradition and especially the foreign language influences have taken the name of the ending Okey. According to another example, OKEY is the same color for the rehabilitation of mentally retarded people. It is formed by the knitting of the stones. But this narration does not seem too realistic because it does not appeal to a lot of Océans.