The Medical Feast strong>, which is celebrated every March 14th, is a commemoration and celebration day in Turkey where medical problems are discussed and the contributions of knowl- edge are rewarded. Since 1976, celebrations have been taking place throughout the week, not just on March 14, but on March 14, and this week is considered a Medical Week strong>.

On March 14, 1827, During the reign of Mahmut, the establishment of the first surgeon with the recommendation of Dr. Mustafa Behçet as Tulip-i Amire and Cerrahhane-i Amire in Tulumbacıbaşı Konağı in Sehzadebasi is considered as the beginning of modern medical education in Turkey.

The first celebration was held on March 14, 1919 in occupied Istanbul.

On that day, under the leadership of Hikmet Boran, a third-year medical student, medical school students were gathered to protest the occupation and gave support to the famous doctors who devolved to them.

It was celebrated as Medicine Day on May 12th between 1929 and 1937. This date was held on the occasion of the Medical Feast because it was accepted as the date of the first Turkish medical classes in Yıldırım Darüşşifası in Bursa. However, over time, this practice was abandoned and it was again the March 14th Medical Day.

Similar celebrations in the world are being held in different dates. For example, the anniversary of March 30, 1842, when general anesthesia was first used in US surgeries; It is celebrated as “Doctors Day” on July 1, the anniversary of the birth (and death) of famous doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy in India. Share Info

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