Before the pen was invented, the pen was invented and people were using knives to open their pens. When we look at the historical information on the invention of the pencil, it seems that in 1828 French Bernard Lassimone strong> was the first to patent for a pencil sharpener.

After the invention of Lassimone, Therry des Estwaux strong> appeared in 1844 with a mechanical sharpener. Taking a patent took a little longer. In 1865, it received a patent, but many companies have already started to manufacture series of pencil sharpeners. A company called Eureka patented a small pencil in the middle of the 1860s.

At the beginning of the 1880s and early 1900s, the pencil sharpener was developed in many varieties in Europe and America. Electric pencils were invented in 1917.

By 1897, many knifes were made from 6 knife sharpeners to one with 30 knives.

John Love’s Knife h2>

, John Love (Massachusetts) patented Love Knives. The pencils made up of that turn are either complex, either expensive, or large. John Love ‘s pencil design was simple and effective. Love’s invention was the key to the history of pencil sharpening. This conceptual design is still used today by many marketers.

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