Who invented the Hair Dryer strong> The hair dryer is not really a stand-alone invention. The electric vacuum cleaner and Blenderin came into being after the invention and spread. While electric appliances were invented and widespread in the 1910s, it was emphasized that an area could be used for multiple tasks or for something other than the machine’s main task. In the first vacuum cleaner commercials on the market, a picture of a model drying his hair with a vacuum cleaner was used.

But vacuum cleaner motors are too big for the hair dryer business. In the meantime, the blender was working on it. The motors designed for the blender were smaller and quieter. While the first blender was acquired in 1922, the small scale motors for the blender were combined with the vacuum cleaner operating logic in studies conducted at the Wisconsin Racine. Two types of hair dryers, named Racine and Cyclone, by Racine Universal Motors and Hamilton Beach were put on the market in 1920.

The first hair dryers strong> on the market until 1930s, continued to carry out hair dry work with electric vacuum cleaners. During the 1930’s and 1940’s, temperature and girl adjustment systems were developed for hair dryers. In 1951, handmade small models were made, but the hair dryer became widespread in America in the 1960s. Share Information

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