Graphic Arts Art is the art of spreading in a style that will appeal to a specific subject by utilizing techniques of printing, line and reproduction. The bottle shape, label, the arrangement of newspaper advertisements, wall posters, layout of the medication box, forming, such as the feast of Tabriz, graphics enters into work.

The history of graphic art, dates back to civilization before Christ. Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek vase
paintings, Roman burial artifacts, Byzantine ornaments, medieval miniatures can be considered within the concept of graphic arts. However, graphic art, after the invention of the printing press, after the graphic signs of
the world attain the accepted mold has become a modern meaning.

Twentieth sell industrialist and property of the century conditions, to introduce the artists and their works, the idea man
I heard that you need to spread your thoughts.

To take advantage of line, color, photography and all kinds of tools, to use the properties of various lenses,
to obtain photo deformations, to get the effects of cubism

At the end of the nineteenth century, Lautrec, Bannard, Degas, at the beginning of the 20th century, modern artwork of painting artists such as Picasso, Lhote, Leger,
Clavc were laid. Then
Hans Hilmann, Savingnac Celestino Piatti, Roland Searle, Hans Falk, Crosby-Fletcher-Forbes as
artists trynna graphics become famous in art, it has crossed art lever to the true identity. Share Information You multiply

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