Use of your power in the treatment of certain psychiatric illnesses. It is more commonly known as “Electro-Tonsvulsive Therapy”.

In Italy in 1937, Bini suggested that the electric current could be used to bring contraction

to animals,

Electroshock is a type of electrical conduction in which a certain electrical current is passed through the electrodes applied to the patient’s temples during a certain period of time (such as half a second) It consists. It is done after the urine has been emptied. When the electric current is applied, the consciousness disappears immediately in a typical electroshock crisis, and as long as the current passes, there is a general contraction due to the direct stimulation of the electric current. Thereafter, a typical seizure occurs. There is a short-term loss of consciousness cycle (3-5 min) following the seizure.

There may be some undesired consequences during the electroshock treatment. These include fractures, dislocations, fractures in the spine, jaw dislocations and breathlessness in the arms and legs. But these are quite common.

An electroshock cure, along with a series of seven shocks usually done three times a week, is the only way to determine this amount, but to determine the amount of the disease It is connected to seyrine.

Diseases are the most beneficial of electroshock treatment today: schizophrenia and especially melancholy attacks with a high risk of suicide (severe depression,
depression). The effect of schizophrenia is generally temporary.
(Depression) can make an improvement in severe depression which is a danger of suicide. The good thing about electroshock treatment is that it is cheap and the patients shorten their hospitalization
periods. Contrary to what you might think, the danger is low and the patient feels nothing during the treatment
. Elderly illness, however, should not be applied to those with heart disease. Share Information

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