The cooling method used in Rome in the 1540s was based on melting a lot of salt in water. A book on how the method worked was published by the Romans named Blasius Villafranca in 1550 under the name “Methodus Refrigerandi”.

According to the writer, all the wine and water consumed in the palace were cooled by this method and found this system. Levinus Lemnius, who confirmed the writings of Villafranca in 1559, wrote that the wine cooled by her method made the teeth tingle.

Cooling is the process of cooling down the temperature of a substance or environment below the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Cooling methods h2> Using the latent heat of the solid materials Using the latent heat of sublimation Using the latent heat of the liquid materials Using the latent heat of the submersible Mechanical

Physical method using freezing blends h3>

As the liquids evaporate, they pull the surrounding heat, which causes the temperature of the heat-absorbing medium to fall. It is called cooling down to the temperature drop caused by the loss of heat or to the decrease in temperature. The most important form of physical cooling used in the industry is the cooling method of cooling. In this system heat energy is used. There are no mechanical parts. Silicogel and water are used as coolant in the cooling cycle. Silicogel moisturizing or absorbing silico-sodium is formed by the action of a material acid. This compound can then be washed and dried. Very small particles absorb the silica gel which is placed in the cooling circuit. Ammonia is easily dissolved in water at low temperatures. This solution evaporates when heated to 65 ° C and decomposes from water. The water function is to dissolve the ammonia in the cooling circuit. System;

Chemical method h3>

Even when they are at normal temperature, lower temperatures can be obtained when certain chemical substances are mixed together at certain intervals. This is due to the amount of heat that surrounds the mixture. For example, when snow or ice is mixed with table salt, cooling is obtained. When 65% snow or ice, 35% salt (NaCl) is mixed, the initial temperature is 0 ° C and the mixture temperature is 20 ° C. 60% snow or ice 40% salt first temperature 0 ° C and mixing temperature 30 ° C. Mechanical method h3>

Mechanical cooling is done externally so that the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant promotion. According to the second law of thermodynamics, it works according to the principle of the inverse Carnot cycle.

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