The caesarean section is the process of removing the fetus from the abdomen with an incision made at the indicated time or earlier by surgery of the abdominal wall and uterus. Cesarean, a birth method, is quite common today. In ancient times it is understood from the historical documents that the Egyptians and Romans applied to the cesarean. B.C. In a Roman law issued in the year 800, women who died in the last weeks of pregnancy are ordered to perform a cesarean-like operation with the aim of saving the child.

Cesarean section of the Acemis (10th and 11th century) describes cesarean section surgery in a hindered birth. The first record of successful implementation in a living woman is related to the fact that he was doing this surgery on a Swedish lady’s wife in the 1500s. It was subsequently tried on various occasions and conditions, but almost always resulted in the death of the mother with sepsis or bleeding.

The name “Caesarean” emerged in the 17th century. There are various opinions about where the surgery takes the name: there are stories about Julius Caesar coming to the world with such an operation. It is known that Lacin Caesar’s mother is still alive many years after birth. B.C. It is unlikely that Caesar (Caesar) ‘s mother survived after such an operation in 100 BC.

In the Middle Ages it was suggested that the term cesarean was derived from the Latin word “caesere” In 1870, cesarean section maternal mortality was around 75%. Shock and sepsis (blood microbiology) besides bleeding was the main cause of death. Because the fetus in the primitive shape of the operation was removed, the womb was not stitched. In 1882, Max Sönger reduced the mortality rate by planting the section in the right.

If normal pathogenesis is not possible, the cesarean section has become a frequent method of delivery, as improvements in surgical and anesthesia techniques, adherence to antisepsis rules, and the discovery of antibiotics have reduced the mortality rate of cesarean operations within the past century. if the delay is dangerous for the mother and the child it is necessary to conclude with caesarean section. The caesarean section can only be done by hospital specialists and specialist physicians. Women who have undergone a cesarean section once can not have a normal birth and have to do their next birth with a cesarean section. Ideally, birth should occur naturally. Cesarean section should be applied as a last resort.

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