Beer is a type of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting barley and hops. Beer has been known and enjoyed by people since ancient times. The first beer making technique was developed in Egypt, then spread to Greece and Europe.

How to make beer h2>

To make beer, arpara gets wet and sprouts for a week when it is left. In the meantime, “amylase” is also called yeast. As the length of the sprouts approaches the length of barley, it is torn off from the harvester. The bowls are dried and flour done. This una made is called “malt”. Malt is used in the form of yellow powder or sorghum, called “scorch”, for hemorrhagic and infectious diseases and for feeding and digesting in baby foods. There is no alcohol in it. When the malt is mixed with hot water and left, the amylase in it breaks down the starch into ferment. It turns into sugar called maltose. This sugary liquid is put into the hops and boiled. This weed gives a fragrance and makes it clear. Cool and put in the beer yeast. This yeast maltose sugar is fermented; alcohol. Beer gets. There are between two and a half to five percent alcohol in a variety of places. He drank too drunk. Beer yeast is yellow, lumpy and lively like a powder or yogurt. There is a substance called “zimaz” or “alcohololaz” and a substance called “invertin”. They both brew. Beer yeast is produced by the production of the remaining yeast in the brewery factory, and it is also used in skin, digestion and chest diseases. Also in bread dough.

A standard single bottle of beer contains at least 20 gr of alcohol. It is also seen that in some beer species this amount has increased to 60-70 grams. Two bottles of beer are mentioned by experts who can easily get someone drunk. Share Information

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