Barbie baby is considered the most successful toy on the toy industry’s history. Barbie’s controversial Ruth Handler strong> has created a controversial icon with Barbie, an idol for many little girls. Ruth Handler is not only the Barbie toys, but also the inventor of breast prostheses for breast cancer patients.

The creator of Barbie dolls is Mattel Inc. Harold “Matt” was founded by Matson and Elliot Handler.

Mattel Toy Company h3>

Mattel began to work as a workshop that actually produced picture frames. As the frame production continued, small doll house furnishings made with increasing material attracted much attention. This demand in the market was instrumental in making Mattel’s owners focus on making toys, making the frame. Formally Mattel, Inc.

At the beginning of the 1950s, Ruth Handler’s growing daughter, Barbara, noticed that she was trying to add features to adults while playing with her doll puppies. .

She was a big woman with a lilian breasts. There were cloaks and shoes, but these accessories could not be removed.

Ruth Handler shared with her husband and Matson the idea that she wanted to make a plastic doll similar to Lilli® and differently to give young girls more choices.

Barbie® was born h3>

After a lot of hard work, Handler created a baby that looked like Lilli. The baby doll was designed as an adult young woman. He has created a toy that can be worn with accessories such as cloaks, shoes, clothes.

Barbie was introduced to the market at a New York toy fair on March 9, 1959 with a zebra striped dress, high heels and a pearly white smile.

After the Fuersten, Barbie became very popular. Advertisements for Mattel toys have been launched with an action that will make the company even more successful.

The company has earned enough money to develop new toys. After Barbie, new toys produced Chatty Cathy, Hot Wheels, “Mouseguitar” and See ‘n’ Say. In 1966, company partner Harold Matson sold the company’s shares to the Handler, and Ruth Handler was brought to the presidency of Mattel in 1967.

Barbie’s Elements h3>

It was popular with seti, but everyone was a Barbie fan. There was criticism that Barbie’s body was not possible for a healthy woman. It was said that the size of the baby did not match the measurements. In addition, there were arguments arguing that the baby would create unrealistic expectations for young girls, and thus cause low self-esteem. However, these critics have done nothing to negatively affect sales.

In the 1970s Mattel corrected the baby a little. They changed their metrics and prepared clothes for women such as doctors, astronauts, veterinary medicine, and other emerging career options. Barbie’s hair models began to keep pace with time.

In 1976, more than a billion Barbie® babies were sold all over the world, making it the toy industry’s most successful toy.

Ruth Handler’s Battle with Breast Cancer h3>

Handler was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 1970. condom, and a mastectomy. In a proper way, a tried-and-true prosthesis tried to find a breast, but what they found was useless. So Handler decided to make his own prosthesis. At the age of fourty, Handler started a second career. He and Peyton founded Massey Ruthton Corp.

Handler was included in the US Business Honor Roll in 1997.

Handler, 27 He died at the age of 85 in April 2002. Share Multiple Information.

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