The first successful artificial fertilization experiment was done by Italian Abbe Lazare Spallanzani strong> in 1779. Spallanzani placed the puppy from a Spanish male dog in the reproductive organs of a female hunting dog. After 62 days, three puppies came to the world.

The First Artificial Fertilization on Human h2>

In 1785, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris Thouret strong> Mr. Thouret settled his wife’s womb in his wife’s womb, through a fine syringe.

Then, in 1799, in England, the Dr. John Hunter strong> placed the offspring of an aristocratic family head, who was disturbed by hypostasia, into a young mother of the same family and succeeded. The first artificial fertilization made with fertilization from another man, other than your husband, is in Philadelphia. It was tried out by a woman who was knocked out by Pancoast in 1884 with chloroform, except for her knowledge of the woman. This trial was made at the request of her husband, who was barren.

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