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Who found Air Photography


The French aviator Gaspard Felix Tournachon, known by the nickname “Nadar”, was pulled in the last week of 1858. Tournachon displayed the Val de Bierre region outside of Paris from a volley at an altitude of 87 meters. The first aerial photograph in the UK was taken by Henry Negretti in 1863, 1335 meters above the Medway Valley.

The first photograph taken by the bridge was made by M. Meyurse from Beranger Photography Agency, Hubert Latham The Antoinette model used by a photographer took a photograph of Camp de Chalons Airport near Rheims in France. The interesting thing was that a cinema filmin was filmed for the first time a year before the shoot of these photographs.

The photos of the airport (one of which was also shown as a departure plane) were published in the Christmas edition of L’Illustration . In the UK, Charles Shaw is the first photographer to photograph from far away. Shaw, a staff member of the Nottingham Guardian newspaper, watched the Burton-on-Trent river at a height of 133 meters on September 30,

Burton went to Burton when he heard three French pilots were doing flight experiments. There he met M.Beau from the pilots and persuaded himself and managed to get on the Farman-type plane. He would have been very afraid during the shoot, but when he talked about those moments later, he would say, “I have never been so excited about journalism in a matter of minutes.”