The modern history of toothpaste began in 1892. That year American Doctor Washington Sheffield invented a foldable tube to store toothpaste. Four years later, in 1896, Colgate began to make its own brand.

Toothpaste is a dental cleaning product containing plenty of fluoride and calcium. It can be in a fruity and varied flavor, but it is usually menthol or mint flavor.

Flor is the first element of the group of halogens with a brownish yellow color, with an atomic number of 9, an atomic weight of 19, a density of 1,265 and a smell of ozone resembling oval F ). In 1529 Georigius Agricola defined the compound calcium fluoride. It was first isolated by Henri Moissan in 1886.

Calcium is a metallic element from the group of soil alkalis. The symbol is “Ca”. The name comes from the word “calx” which means “lime” in Latincede. It was first obtained by Lumphru Davy in 1808 by electrolysis of calcium hydroxide. Share Information

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