Who invented the iron? strong> If the iron was invented, people would have to make a lot of effort to flatten the clothes they would have to wear with the wrinkles after washing their clothes. The difficulties that housewives have to improve after washing their clothes have a significant place in the invention of the past.

Henry W. Seely, a New Yorker, got his first electric iron patent on June 6, 1882. Henry W. Seely, who was born in Richville, Kentucky on July 2, 1854, is an inventor of many inventions, small and large, until he invented the iron.

First Iron Models h2>

In the first models produced, the carbon arc method was used to electrically heat the underlying metal stamping area. This method warmed the bottom when printed on clothing, but it was a very short period of time since it was a very insecure method.

Other Early Inventions Related to Iron h2>

Concerns about the safety of first- Co and General Electric Company in 1892, the first iron-iron models were introduced. The first steam turbans were on the market at the beginning of the 1950s. Share Information

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