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Who Finds Chess


Chess is not the most complicated game that human beings have ever found. It is said that the number of possible combinations of moves in chess is greater than the number of stars in the game. It is an easy game of chess to learn, but the ability to play correctly can be obtained with about a year of experience and practice. Who has found it?

It is useful to look at the historical development to answer who is the creator of the chess. The old form of chess emerged in India in the sixth century in the name of ÇATURANGA. We may think that the chess inventors are Indians, but it is difficult to say that this early form of chess is close to the chess played today.

In fact, the early form of chess was played by four players. The reason for this early form of modern chess being named as the ancestor of modern chess is the similarity of the stones and movements used in the cast.

The chess prototype from India has reached the Persian empire of today’s Iran. The game is the Persians who become the ones that play today, who get closer to the changes they make, and find the first words such as Shah, Mat, Vezir, and Eleph in chess.

In the thirteenth century, chess became popular with the contributions of a European-based company. One of the rules of modern chess is that the pawn is the last to come to the chess board. In the case of Spain, there are many modern rules of chess in Italy.

So we can say that Italian and Spanish are one of the inventors of chess.

It is an important fact that chess, which is a complex, pleasurable and intelligent game, is such a great game that it is the contribution of people of many countries to the east and west.