Paper Who invented the Towel, who invented the Paper Towel. strong> It was a factory fault that the paper towel that was beginning to take its place almost now. In the 1907 strong>, the main paper bobbin which had been cut into toilet paper by the Scott Brothers strong> Scott Paper Factory strong> the paper is thick and wrinkled. One of the siblings suggested that the paper be given to the market in the form of a paper towel instead of being destroyed.

In 1919, William E. Corbin, Henry Chase, and Harold Titus also made improvements to the paper towel at the Brown Company in New Hampshire, where paper towels were sold at hotels, restaurants and public toilets. But the price was still expensive. For this reason, paper towels did not enter the United States for many years.

In 1931, the Scott Paper mill cut costs considerably through research and development.

The Scott Paper Factory is now America’s leading paper towel manufacturer.

> Paper towels ; used in cleaning; napkin made of soft, thick and absorbent paper.

The paper towel, which is very similar to fabric towels, is produced in loose layers. This structure allows the towel to absorb and transport a large amount of water. Because of this feature, it is widely used in hand, face and surface construction.

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