Kinetic Art is one of the modern art movements brought about by advanced civilization.

While kinetic art was introduced in Paris in 1955 by Victor Vasarely, it is nowadays found that this art of painting is a form of art, which is based on the ability to perceive a changing interpretation and perception. /> is shown in central New York. Victor Vesarely strong> is known as the father of kinetic art in the world.
Hungarian-born artist began his studies on graphic arts and geometric painting in 1930

In 1955, he published the kinetic art manifesto.

Figueira is known to have been influenced by artwork from the 1950’s. Nowadays, aesthetic values ​​are being tested on everything from swollen-seat, car tires to bullet survival.

Nicolas Schöffer is a French artist. Touch is considered to be the forerunner of kinetic art that produces artifacts that act by factors such as airflow or breathing of the viewer. Until 1959, the artist used various features of the place, such as light, music and film, in the last period, he gave works focusing on time factor. Share Bilgi Çoğalsın

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