I always say that the most costly inventions come from meeting simple needs. Perhaps the simplest and most important of these is the toothbrush. The most important tool of oral health with simple structure is toothbrush. Who found the toothbrush? William Addis strong> is the creator of the toothbrush prototypes we use today.

The toothbrush was one of the most important tools of modern life. Let’s take a historical look at when and by whom the toothbrush, which people use every day, is the sine qua non of oral health.

Throughout history, people have tried many methods to clean their mouths and teeth. Plant roots, tree branches, various animal feathers, and even bird feathers were used.

Plant branches and roots, especially used by Indian and Arab civilizations, played an important role in tooth cleaning. Miswak used by Arabs is the most important toothbrush known for its antiseptic effect.

One of the materials used to clean the teeth is fabric.

In the second half of the eighteenth century William Addis, known as the man who invented the toothbrush, was sentenced to a prison time during the British civil war. During the time he spent in prison, he had more time to improve his oral care. He punched holes in animal bones and made a bundle of bristles, one of which was tied together on the other. It strengthened the lower parts of the hairs by sticking them to the bones.

William Addis is the oldest known toothbrush maker who built his company known as Addis, who entered service in 1780.

In 1961, Squibb’s first electric toothbrush was made in New York by the West. Share Info

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