The history of schools dates back to ancient Greek civilization. The information of the Ancient Greek period shows that the students come together in a certain examination and they are educated in various academic fields. The most known of these schools is BC. It was founded in 385 by the Greek philosopher Platon, Akademia, who teaches philosophy.

The primary school system M.S. It is used in the Byzantine Empire in 425 records. Byzantine soldiers had to be educated at least at primary school level. The system disappeared in 1453 when the Ottoman Empire put an end to the Byzantine Empire.

Some of the sources for the presence of schools also indicate Islamic civilization.

Glasses have begun to be used for the school first, because the Islamic culture has a strong accumulation of knowledge. Medreseler was opened in the 9th century. Later, during the Ottoman period, it was aimed to build mosques, hospitals, soup kitchens and various facilities around the Medreseles and to be interwoven with the public. There are important connections between today’s universities and the Ottoman Medrese.

The school word is French, and “école” is our language. The word “school” in the Ottoman education system was changed to “school” in 1935. Share Information

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