The oldest known form of Cinderella or Cinderella strong> is M.S. It is a Chinese book written between the years 850-860. The brutal stepmother of Yeh-hsien, the protagonist of the Chinese fairy tale, is forced to draw water from dangerous pits. Even though the fathers who help create miracles and kill the stepmother by killing them, they give the beautiful clothes and the famous golden sweater they desire for the fishy girl.

The oldest known

strong> Cinderella strong> in the fifty stories compiled by Napoleonic women, named after the Napoleonic poet, soldier and ruler Giambattista Basile (1575-1632) and given the name Pentamerone. strong> Charles Perrault (1628-1703), a member of the Academie Française, translated the French word “vair” (fur) into “verre” (glass) from the earliest compilers of the French tale and from the sides of the modern- Cinderella Small Glass Slippers strong> ”

The seven hundred different versions of the Cinderella fair were compiled Truck. The most filmed hero is Cinderella. Romeo and Juliet were forty-seven, Hamlet fifty-eight, Cinderella was erotic, and eighty four times, including cartoons. Share Info

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