Did you know Nikola Tesla has over 300 patents?! Find out which of his inventions made this countdown!

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Did you know that Nikola Tesla had around 300 inventions?! I ’m about to tell you all the coolest ones that helped make him a legend!
Tesla Coil
Tesla invented the Tesla coil back in 1891, and it ’s an electrical resonant transformer circuit. I ’m not gonna go into how it works, because, I don ’t know how it works, but I ’m gonna tell you some of the cool stuff it can do. Tesla ran a whole bunch of experiments with the Tesla coil, including electrical lighting, x-ray generation, and high frequency alternating currents. The most ridiculous thing it can do is wirelessly transmit electricity. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Tesla coil is also a radio transmitter! It might have actually been the world ’s first radio, and I ’ll get into that story a little later. Tesla coils are mainly used today for entertainment and educational displays; basically it ’s just because of how awesome the effects look. But, if things fell one way instead of another, who knows, maybe the world today would be getting electricity completely differently!
Wardenclyffe Tower
Tesla was backed with $150,000, which is around 4 million dollars in today ’s money, by one of the greatest bankers of our time, J.P. Morgan. He wanted to build a tower that would have been able to transmit wireless communication by voice, images, and text (insert a bunch of iphone message texts)! You know, kinda like the new iPhone 7. The tower would inject electricity into the earth at the right frequency, and harness what Tesla believed to be the earth ’s own electrical charge. Basically, it ’s supposed to be a Tesla coil on steroids! The coolest thing about the tower is that it would have been able to transmit wireless electricity! Tesla had a vision of providing free energy for the world. J.P. Morgan signed on because he was extremely interested in the wireless capabilities, and because I ’m sure he was envisioning Netflix and chill! However, the last part about the free energy was sort of a big problem for our guy JP here, because if energy was free all over the world, how would he have made any money J.P. couldn ’t figure out how to meter and charge for the electricity that would have been going on with the tower, so he decided to abruptly pull his funding, and that was a wrap.
Beth Beam
This invention, ever so conveniently called the beth ray by the media, wasn ’t a machine that could shoot laser beams like something out of star wars, but instead relied on energy in the free air and electrical force to shoot particles at whatever it ’s aimed at. Tesla claimed that his superweapon supposedly would have been able to put an end to all war, as it would have been able to bring down quote, “a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a defending nation’s border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks”. He tried to get some countries to fund the device, but only the Soviets partially tested it. For some reason, it wasn ’t ever manufactured by any country.
Shadowgraphs (X-rays)
Tesla accidentally produced the first x-ray images in the US in his laboratory when he was experimenting with Crookes tubes, which was an early experimental electrical discharge tube that basically projected electrons in the tube. Tesla started noticing damaged film in his lab, so he became super curious and decided to start studying x-rays, which was still unknown and unnamed at the time. He produced the first x-ray images in the US when he tried to take a photo of Mark Twain. He eventually managed to get images of the human body, which he called shadowgraphs. Unfortunately, a lot of his early work in x-rays were lost when his lab in New York caught fire and burned down, and this is a big reason why Tesla wasn ’t credited with the discovery.

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